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PILEDRIVER - "¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!" GIG 2xCD

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Format : CD Year : 2016 Price : ¥2,200(inc.tax) 2015.12.4「REVANCHA」 @横浜クラブリザードのライブを録音した 2枚組ライブCD!(全25曲入) PV: https://youtu.be/UPHFCsfbC_w 編集 野田昌志 [disc-1] 1.NOW YOU KNOW 2.LA VIDA 3.SLEEP 4.姿(SUGATA) 5.LEON SOLDIERS 6.団~DON’T BE CARRIED AWAY 7.BASTA DE BOMBARDEOS 8.SUERTE 9.IMAGE OF THE DAMAGE 10.GRACIAS 11.BURNNING ENERGY 12.M.Y.B.C 13. JUST SAY NO [disc-2] 1.NOSY PARKER 2.PROBLEMS 3.WAYS OF OURSELF 4.SPACE-COLONY KIDS 5.FIGHT FOR FREEDOM 6.勇気 7.MUSSCOMUNICATION&T.V.FUCK OFF 8.GRADATION 9.SORA 10.intro 11.LIBERTY SONG 12.PROTEST&RESISTANCE ●Member : ICHIRO (Vo) SEN (Guitar) ORI (Guitar) KENSAKU (Bass) KINTA (Drums) AI (Violent Pain) Yashi (Bad Smells) Captain MKS (SYSTEMATIC DEATH) TAKUMA All Songs by: PILEDRIVER Live Recorded at: Club Lizard Yokohama Recording&Mix Engineered by: Junya Nakamura Mastered by: Masahiko Noguchi(Yokohama Salla Studio) A&R/Management/Art Direction by: Ryuichi Negi(microAction) Executive Produced by: STONES Co.,Ltd. PRODUCED by: PILEDRIVER & microAction

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